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Westland Graphite Roof Slate

Westland Graphite Roof Slate
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Westland is a 1st quality natural Brazilian graphite/black roof slate with a natural riven texture; it has an excellent consistency and comes with a 30 year guarantee. This slate comes from the Papagaios region of Brazil and is excellent value as it can be used anywhere in the UK as it will withstand severe weather conditions, It’s also unaffected by sunlight and acid rain.

Tested to BS EN 12326-2 : 2011

Exhibited the top Class A1 for water absorbtion.

Exhibited the top Class T1 for thermal cycle resistance.

Exhibited the top Class S1 for sulphur dioxide exposure resistance.

Excellent mineral composition

Contains no Pyrites or Sulphides


Frost resistant

30 Year Guarantee
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